Stay Healthy in Columbus, Ohio: 4th Annual Caregiver's Care Expo

Are you looking for a fun and informative way to stay healthy in Columbus, Ohio? Look no further than the 4th Annual Caregiver's Care Expo! This event is sure to provide an enjoyable and educational experience for all attendees. From low-impact aerobic movements to mindful breathing and postures, there is something for everyone. Plus, there are discounted prices available for individual and group sessions with exercise physiologists, yoga classes, and more. If you're looking for a low-impact workout that won't hurt your joints, try the Walk Your Way class.

This class combines basic cardiovascular movements with an invigorating segment and a relaxing stretch. For those looking to increase their muscle strength and flexibility, the Stability Ball class is perfect. It also focuses on balance, coordination, and core conditioning. For those dealing with chronic pain or fatigue, the Pain and Fatigue Reduction class is designed to reduce these symptoms through stretching and strengthening exercises.

Additionally, there are classes available for those dealing with grief after the death of a loved one. These meetings provide an opportunity to connect with other caregivers and learn about community resources. For those looking to get certified in scuba diving, The Dempsey Center offers pool and classroom training necessary to receive your PADI diving certification. Patients taking anticoagulant medications can also make individual or group appointments with a diabetes educator, nurse, and dietitian for self-management of gestational diabetes.

The Dempsey Center also offers an art therapy group to foster a supportive environment for those dealing with cancer diagnoses. This virtual and in-person meeting provides education and support as well as an opportunity to connect with other caregivers. Additionally, there is a virtual meeting to share positive experiences related to cancer journeys. For those looking for quick answers to their questions about labor, The Dempsey Center offers a 2.5-hour format that includes important tips about when to go to the hospital and what to expect. Pain relief options and comfort measures will also be discussed.

However, breathing and relaxation techniques are not covered in depth in this webinar; supplementing with the breathing and relaxation webinar is recommended for those who want additional practice and support. For those looking for specialized aquatic workouts with an exercise physiologist, thirty- or sixty-minute sessions are available at discounted prices in packages. Additionally, there is a two-session starter package that includes an individual consultation with a personal trainer followed by a program design appointment to introduce you to your personalized exercise plan. For those looking for a fun way to increase their cardiovascular and muscular endurance power, try the Foot Training Circuit class. This class combines upper body strength work with hand weights, elastic tubes with handles and a ball as well as non-impact aerobic choreography. Tai Chi is another great way to stay healthy in Columbus, Ohio. This ancient Chinese art of smooth, fluid movements is known for its health benefits such as preventing pain and stiffness, lowering blood pressure, improving balance, and increasing energy.

There are classes available for all skill levels that can be done sitting or standing. Finally, Fore Hope helps people living with symptoms and disabilities due to stroke, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, and other neurological conditions as well as many other conditions. They offer specialized adaptive equipment to allow participants with physical disabilities to play with the same benefits as players without disabilities. So if you're looking for ways to stay healthy in Columbus, Ohio look no further than the 4th Annual Caregiver's Care Expo! With discounted prices available for individual and group sessions as well as classes ranging from low-impact workouts to Tai Chi there is something for everyone.