Health Events in Columbus, Ohio: A Comprehensive Guide to Wellness

Columbus is a vibrant city with a wide range of health events and programs available to its residents. From virtual and in-person activities to municipal meetings, there is something for everyone. The Ohio State Wexner Medical Center is a great resource for free health and wellness resources, and hosts an annual event called Healthy Community Day. This event provides free health screenings, medical care, and community participation to ensure that evaluations have an immediate and positive effect on participants' health.

Additionally, the Near East Side of Columbus is home to a variety of social determinants of health that can play an important role in the physical wellbeing of residents. At Healthy Community Day, experts in breast cancer diagnosis explain current imaging technologies and the importance of women's breast tissue type in obtaining the most accurate screening tests. Volunteers from across the medical center participate in the event, including registered nurses and case management managers from the Ohio State Department of Family and Community Medicine. This year's event included free tests and consultations, health information from more than 50 organizations, food and cooking demonstrations, fitness demonstrations, family entertainment, free flu and COVID-19 vaccines, and fresh produce.

The Ohio State Wexner Medical Center also helps provide greater access to underserved residents in a variety of ways. This includes health fairs such as Healthy Community Day, free or reduced-cost clinics, clinics focusing on specific ethnicities and underserved populations, health screenings for the homeless, screenings for those receiving mental health treatment, patient counseling programs, interactive programs for children in school, and more. By offering these services, the medical center helps reduce the risk of illness, disability, and even death due to a lack of regular preventive care. In addition to Healthy Community Day, the Columbus Chamber also hosts an informal in-person networking event for new and returning members.

This gathering provides an opportunity to learn more about the services included in their membership. Finally, Christine Abbott studied engraving at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland and completed her degree in Fine Arts at the Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus. She hosts an annual garage sale on her front lawn that offers a variety of items. Columbus is a city full of opportunities for its residents to stay healthy and informed about their wellbeing.

From Healthy Community Day to networking events hosted by the Columbus Chamber, there are plenty of ways to stay connected with local resources that can help improve your physical health. Additionally, Christine Abbott's annual garage sale is a great way to support local artists while finding unique items.