Health Events in Columbus, Ohio: What to Expect

From the mid-1990s, when Columbus launched its first comprehensive planning effort, to the establishment of the Community Health Coalition, the Child Mortality Task Force, and more, the city has been dedicated to improving the health of its residents. Every year in June, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center hosts Healthy Community Day, a free event that provides health screenings, medical care, and community participation. It is an opportunity for people to get access to preventive care and learn about health issues that affect their lives. At Healthy Community Day, volunteers from across the medical center come together to offer free tests and consultations.

There are also more than 50 organizations providing health information, food and cooking demonstrations, fitness demonstrations, and family entertainment. Ohio State Health & Discovery brings together this experience to provide today's most important health news and the deeper story behind the most important issues affecting the health of people, animals, society and the world. The African American Male Welfare Agency also holds an annual event called My Health Can't Wait. This event is dedicated to raising awareness about the health problems of black men and promoting preventive care. It includes free health screenings and medical care for underserved residents in Columbus. The Near East Side of Columbus is a neighborhood where social determinants of health can have a major impact on physical health.

Chasity Washington, director of the Ohio State Center for Cancer Health Equity, explains that access to healthcare and healthy food, transportation availability, housing stability, income levels, and quality of education can all play a role in residents' wellbeing. In addition to events like Healthy Community Day and My Health Can't Wait, Ohio State Wexner Medical Center provides greater access to underserved residents in a variety of ways. This includes free or reduced-cost clinics, clinics focusing on specific ethnicities and underserved populations, health screenings for the homeless, screenings for those receiving mental health treatment, patient counseling programs, and interactive programs for children in school. Fact sheets, images and full-text articles on all areas of health and wellness are available from Consumer Health Complete. The Health & Medicine Full-text database provides summaries from various medical journals and health publications. The Health Reference Library offers a library of e-books on a wide variety of health and wellness topics. By offering free health screenings and medical care at events like Healthy Community Day and My Health Can't Wait, Ohio State Wexner Medical Center is helping to ensure that free evaluations have an immediate and critical impact on participants' health.

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This will help promote preventive care among underserved populations as well as raise awareness about important issues affecting their wellbeing.